Characteristics of Dog breeds Some of the most popular dog breeds

Introduction to dog breeds What are dog breeds?

Razas caninas

Excerpt: In this section we offer information on dog breeds.

We give our summarized impression, based on our daily work.

We pretend this information to be indicative, but not all members of a same breed meet these descriptions...

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Breed and individual character Not all are alike

Carácter individual

Excerpt: A question many people have is what is the best breed to have.

A question many people have is what is the best breed to have.

Although it is true that every breed has its own character, not all members of one breed have the character they should have according to the breed's standard. This is so because breeders generally are more interested in the exterior than in the character...

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The Boxer The gentle gladiator

El perro Bóxer

Excerpt: The Boxer, with his good-natured face, has captured the hearts of many people.

About him people say so many good things that it is hard to believe them all. Undoubtedly he has many qualities that make him a great dog, but as each breed also has his drawbacks...

Hoy en día está siendo utilizado como perro de compañía, guarda y defensa y policía.

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The Labrador/ Golden Retriever Dos razas muy populares y versátiles

Labrador Retriever

Excerpt: These breeds have so much in common that we started this series with two of the most popular breeds.

The Labrador was given to be known by the general public in a TV ad.

While the Golden exists only in a more or less clear yellow, we can find the black, yellow and chocolate brown Labrador. Although everybody knows their physical appearances, their character is less well known...

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The English cocker spaniel The sweet-faced dog

El Cocker Spaniel Inglés

Excerpt: The cocker is a hunting dog, more precisely, a retriever.

Equipped with an excellent nose, he is able to find the piece (bird) on land and in water.

By having a very fine sense of smell and a great desire to use it he has become a very effective assistant for the Customs in the search for drugs...

It is a very lively, energetic, playful and intelligent dog.

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The Siberian Husky Came from the arctic

Husky Siberiano

Excerpt: The most popular of the so-called "Nordic" breeds, attracting many people in the first place by it's wolfish appearance. It certainly is a beautiful dog and also a very affectionate one.

Despite of being so kind, many owners have been disappointed by their Husky. As with many other breeds, also in the case of the Husky the character is not always what one expects...

It is capable of running great distances on a daily basis.

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The Rottweiler A power-pack

El Rottweiler

Excerpt: This time we dedicate this space to a powerful breed, both of body and character. Unfortunately it has become a controversive breed, due to unfortunate accidents and also for having been used in many movies as a "devilish" dog.

It is true that it is a guard and defense dog that must be kept by an owner who knows what kind of dog he has and how to treat it properly...

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The German Shepherd The universal dog

Perro Pastor Alemán

Excerpt: Perhaps the most famous of all breeds, we all know what it looks like.

Despite of what is commonly thought, not all individuals are so easy to educate as the movies and television make us believe. Rintintin and Commissioner Rex are undoubtedly gorgeous dogs...

Owning a German Shepherd is without a doubt a great pleasure.

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The Beagle The domesticated hunter

El Beagle

Excerpt: The Beagle belongs to the hounds.

Hounds are hunting dogs that pursue a trail across the field. They usually live and hunt in packs and therefore are very sociable dogs.

The Beagle is used primarily for hunting the hare...

Many Beagles have problems with staying home alone.

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