What we do in canine education

The services that we offer at our canine school are:

Advice on the behaviour and the acquisition of a dog.

Our advisory consultations on the acquisition of a dog are meant for those who want to acquire a dog and do not know enough about everything related to the choice of breed, gender and individual character.

In our behavioural consultations with an owner of a dog whose behaviour is causing problems we try to find out what might be the causes of these problems and give possible solutions.

The most common behaviour problems are:

  • Disobedience in general,
  • Nervousness,
  • Aggression,
  • Excessive barking,
  • Destructive behaviour,
  • Bad hygienical habits.

The average duration of a consultation is an hour and a half. We always try to solve problems in this same visit, leaving the owner with sufficient knowledge to solve the problems at home by themselves. However, in most cases we need to recommend enrolling in our Basic Obedience Course. Almost all owners choose to do so.

The price of this service is 50 euros.

Courses for puppies with their owners

These courses are aimed at owners and their puppies between 6 and 12 weeks old, the appropriate age for a dog to start learning if we want it to not cause problems as an adult. The huge facility for learning of very young puppies should not remain unused.

(See the article "At what age I can begin to teach my dog", in the section Education)

The course content is largely the same as for adult dogs, but puppies oriented, paying more attention to topics that are of great concern to their owners, such as hygienical habits and everything that in general concerns someone with a dog in the home.

The duration of this course is identical to that of adult dogs and the price too.

The total cost of this course is 395 euros, all inclusive.

Courses for dogs over 3 months of age with their owners

Basic Obedience Courses provide everything necessary for an owner to achieve a satisfying coexistence for both. This are personalized courses given individually or in small groups. We have a very broad schedule that allows an opportunity for all owners to find the time to attend: From Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 18.00 in the winter time, and from 09.00 to 21.00 in the summer.

Each course consists of 10 classes of one hour each, two classes per week. Therefore, the course lasts five weeks, long enough for most owners to convert a difficult dog into a much more pleasant companion to have around.

For what dogs?

  • Young and undisciplined dogs.
  • Older dogs (it's never too late to teach your dog good manners!).
  • Dogs with serious behaviour problems.
  • Dogs with inexperienced owners.
  • Dogs without problems.

Our courses are adapted to the individual character of your dog, because not all dogs are alike.

What does the dog learn during the lessons?

  • Not to pull on the leash.
  • To come when called.
  • To sit when you want.
  • To stay when you want it to.
  • To not cause problems.

What does the owner learn with the classes?

  • You will know your dog much better.
  • To teach, reward and apply corrections correctly and efficiently.
  • Everything related to the keeping of your dog.

Included in the price of the course are all the necessary materials, which are: leash, collar, informational booklet and a self-evaluation. The last two ae written by us. In addition, after completing a course we always offer the possibility to consult us at any time during the life of your dog on any question or problem related to it's behaviour.

The total cost of an obedience course is 395 euros, all inclusive.

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