The Boxer

The domesticated gladiator

The Boxer, with his good-natured face, has captured the hearts of many people. About him people say so many good things that it is hard to believe them all. Undoubtedly he has many qualities that make him a great dog, but as each breed also has his drawbacks.

The Boxer dog

In the past he was used for hunting bear and bull fights. Hence, inherited an athletic body and courage.Today he is being used as a companion, guard and defense and police dog.

Usually they are very enthusiastic and often hyperactive dogs. This, coombined with his strong body and strong will make him less recommendable for a family with small children. Despite being a great friend of children, they often are not as careful as needed and just too overwhelming. A Boxer is always happy and playful, but in the games they usually become rather heavy and intrusive.

Many individuals suffer from hyperactivity as a genetic defect, those dogs are very difficult to get to stay relaxed because any stimulus excites them enormously.
Especially males may end up pretty agressive towards other dogs. With their strong, athletic body and their courage they can become formidable attackers.

They can learn easily, but require a patient and persistent owner, capable of imposing himself on a strong and lively dog. Exercises Like Sit, Down and Stay are useful to calm the more anxious individuals. Another problem in many Boxers is continuous drooling, thus staining all that is around, furniture, clothing, children and even visits. One way to prevent excessive drooling is to accustom them from a very young age to not eat anything other than his dogfood and feeding at fixed times.

We must be aware of young Boxers, they tend to start early with establishing a position in the hierarchy using games with a dominant trait. Especially the Boxer's look on his face causes that owners are not capable of showing that they areseriously angry with their dog and this sometimes is essential for a sound relationship. Be always correct, I am not a partitioner of beatting dogs, neither with our hands nor with objects.

The breed may have many genetic defects, most notably hip dysplasia, bone and skin tumors, heart problems, ectropion and hyperactivity. If you're thinking about buying a puppy, make sure to buy from a breeder you trust. The Boxer Club you can report recommended breeders in the area. The Royal Canine Society of Spain can give you the address of the Club of any of the existing breeds.

The address is: Real Sociedad Canina de España
C/ Lagasca, 16 bajo dcha.
28001 Madrid
Tlf.: 91.426.49.90
Fax: 91.435.11.13 / 91.435.28.95

In this article I have focused above all on the Boxer's less positive aspects. The positive side of this dog is so widespread that it seemed best to present the hidden qualities of our hero. To conclude, I confess that some of the nicest dogs I've met have been members of this great breed. In the hands of an owner who can handle a strong dog they leave nothing to be desired.

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