The Labrador and Golden Retriever

Two very popular breeds

These breeds have so much in common that we started this series with two of the most popular breeds. The Labrador was given to be known by the general public in a TV ad.

While the Golden exists only in a more or less clear yellow, we can find the black, yellow and chocolate brown Labrador. Although everybody knows their physical appearance, their character is less well known, and this should precisely be the decisive factor when deciding on one breed or another.

Golden and Labrador Retriever

They are not dogs for everyone, because the origin of the hound gave a lot of energy and desire to move. To an owner that can not devote enough time to the amount of exercise that requires a Retriever I recommend to find another less energetic breed.

A Retriever which can not have regular exercise usually turns out to be a hyperactive dog that's very difficult to control. They are dogs that do not bear having to spend much of the day alone. As its name suggests (Retriever = collector) his great desire is to collect objects. They love water, since its original use is the collection of water birds (ducks).

They are equipped with a very sensitive nose, a quality that we can use when playing (searching!).

Both breeds are very nice and somewhat sensitive, normally not difficult to educate and they enjoy learning. This does not mean that they learn in any manner, you need to know the basic rules of canine education to be successful with them.

Something you should not forget is that they are dogs, they are not stuffed animals as tv ads make us believe. Its growing popularity has led to uncontrolled breeding, which has the negative consequence that a large number of puppies that are sold are not exactly good representatives of their breed. I recommend that anyone seriously interested in purchasing a good specimen gets in contact with the Club of this breed, and ask them to provide you with a list of recognized breeders. Remember that a good dog is more expensive, but the displeasure of owning a "defective" dog can not be solved with money. By "defective" I mean to say that a badly bred puppy may carry any kind of genetic disorder, physical and/or psychological.

The direction of any club of any breed can be obtained from:

Real Sociedad Canina de España
C/ Lagasca, 16 bajo dcha. 28001 Madrid
Tlf.: 91.426.49.90
Fax: 91.435.11.13 / 91.435.28.95

Both breeds are the most used for being trained as guide dogs. The qualities sought in the dogs that are selected to be future guide dogs are: balance, quiet, submissive and eager to please. Those are not the qualities found most frequently in the vast majority of puppies found in ads, pet stores and even in many breeding kennels.

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