Dog Training

Why do I prefer to call myself a dog educator instead of a dog trainer?

For me, dog training is an activity that has as its main objective teaching the dog to obey to a number of more or less complex orders, without engaging in this activity something like helping their owners to educate their dog to live with them without this coexistence involving a suffering neither for them nor for their dog.

Many trainers are mainly interested in guard and defense training and other complicated tasks.

Instead, I have specialized in basic dog education, which includes all related with the keeping, education and behaviour of the family dog. Of course this also involves teaching dogs basic commands, but if were limiting myself only to this aspect of my work I do not think I would be of much use for most of my pupils.

Apart from this, I work in the rehabilitation of dogs with (serious) behaviour problems. If I were limited to being a trainer I would not be able to solve the problems I am presented with.

I hope now you understand why I differentiate between the terms "trainer and dog training" and "educator and dog education.

We as a canine school teach/educate both the owners and their dogs, in that order.

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