The German Shepherd

The universal dog

Perhaps the most famous breed, we all know what it looks like. Despite what is commonly thought, not all of its individuals are as easy to educate as the movies and television make us believe. Rintintin and Commissioner Rex are undeniably gorgeous dogs. Apart from the fact that teaching a dog to do many complex things is a task that requires considerable time and dedication, to be so successful with an individual dog, it must be an animal perfect in every way.

A precious ex-pupil, Happy, German Shepherd

Unfortunately, the breed we're looking at in this space today is the most bred of all existing. Excessive and uncontrolled breeding leads inevitably to the presence of genetic defects. The German Shepherd holds the dubious distinction of dragging the longest list of genetic defects of all breeds. Genetic defects can be divided into: physical defects and mental defects.
From the physical defects I stress: hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, spondylosis, skin problems, diabetes ... As if we did not have enough with those, I have to add a series of common mental defects ...
The most important are: nervousness, aggression (fear), fear in general, non-stop tail-chasing ...

This means that when purchasing a member of this breed you must know very well how to find a breeder you can fully trust, choose parents of whom you want a puppy and how to select a suitable puppy for you. Not an easy task, given the number of people who are dedicated to breeding this dog. It is so hard it is perhaps even advisable to find another breed not as widespread as this one. However, if after an intensive search you find yourself rewarded with a good quality dog you'll say there's no other dog like it.

Having a good quality German Shepherd is a great pleasure. The opposite is also a reality, having a defective animal can be very hard and cruel, both for the owners and the dog. So I repeat my best advice: Before deciding on a specimen of this breed you must find out everything related to the health of these great dogs!

Once you have a good dog make sure to start its education from an early age because usually has a German Shepherd has a strong character. Not being dominated, just doing what he likes is not something desirable from a dog that is dedicated to guard and protect herds energetically. If you're not sure how to raise a dog, I advise you to educate him with the help of a trusted teacher. The best age to start is when your puppy arrives at your home..

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