Loving and treating a dog as if it were human

The most common causes of all kinds of behavioral problems in dogs

The title of this article is the most repeated phrase in the interviews we have in our school with the owners of problem dogs.

Why is it wrong to give a lot of affection to my dog?

Because your dog is not a human being, it is a dog. They are animals with different characteristics than us. Dogs do not respond the same way to human treatment as a person. No matter how much we want then to, they will never be like us. Let me make it clear that we must give love and affection to our dogs.

GIving a lot of love to a dog is not always right

The important thing is that you know how to dose and find the right moments for it. Equally important is knowing how to correct properly, correctly dosed and in the right moment. Do not ever forget a basic rule for a correct coexistence with a dog: whithout discipline there's no room for love.

Educating a dog does not mean giving lots of kisses and allow many caprices without demanding anything in return. General disobedience, hyperactivity, inability to stay home alone, not wanting to eat dog food, excessive fear and aggression have often originated in the same, excessive loving and treating a dog as if it where a human. Most of the victims of dog bites are their owners.

A frequent comment is "I do not understand why he did this to me, we have given him all he needed: the best food, three daily walks, lots of love, he sleep in my bed, sits next to me on the couch to watch TV and are giving him everything he wants. He lives like a king and look what he's done to me." I'll never get tired of saying that the dog is the product of his environment, of the treatment he received. These problems may result in the animal can no longer be supported, ending up abandoned in the street, the dog pound, killed by a veterinarian or at it's best, re-educated with the help of a dog trainer.

The dog is a social animal, which means that they live in groups or packs. For them, theis human family is a pack of dogs, not people: to them their owners are dogs they see you as a fellow. This implies that your dog expects from you that you behave like a dog treat him in a canine manner. Your dog can only be what it is, a limited being that does not understand your language, not even your gestures.

He was born to live like a dog, behaving as such and interacting with its peers. This is so because its ancestor is the wolf. Although his appearance has changed, inside he is still very similar: his way of being, instincts and language have not changed. So you need to understand this way of being and learn to communicate with him, otherwise he will not understand you well. If you do not understand each other, how will you be able to live together successfully?

We all know a dog that is being pampered in excess without causing any problem. In fact, even in those cases, it is almost always so that the odd "little problem" does occur. It is true that not all dogs have the same character and, therefore, do not respond in the same way to the same treatment. Treating your dog like a dog is nothing less than an obligation, his way of being demands it. Not responding to this need he has is like denying him what he needs perhaps more than anything else to be happy, a responsible, correct and well balanced pack leader.

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