Breed and individual character

Which is the best dog breed?

Many dog breeds exist

A question many people have is what is the best breed to have. I believe that one should not concentrate so much on breed. Although it is true that every breed has its own character, not all members of one breed have the character they should have according to the breed's standard. This is so because breeders generally are more interested in the exterior than in the character. Unfortunately, there are also many of breeders who do not about anything anything but the multiplication of the more dogs the better. There is large number of dogs that look like a breed, but inside they are not at all like what they should have been. A pedigree does not guarantee the quality of a puppy. Finding a good specimen of a certain breed is difficult, you should dedicate a lot time to your search. Even for an expert it is not easy.

Much more important is the individual character of a dog. Every dog is born with a disposition, some are born more submissive, others more dominant, fearful, independent, etc ... and all these characteristics come in many variations. We my have 4 German Shepherds, brothers of the same litter, and each with a different character.So different that one is a pet par excellence, and his brother so pervasive that few people can live with it. An expert can see the disposition that each puppy from a litter has, subjecting them to a simple test, thus avoiding f.i. that a very dominant dog ends up living in a family with young children.

Also, you should not forget that apart from the characteristics with which a dog is born, there are other factors that are decisive when it comes to it's future way of being. In this it's proper owners play a big role, the characters they have and their way of treating the dog.

All experiences a dog has in the first stage of his life influence. The dog is just the product of his environment, like us.

In short, you have to look much more into character than into appearance. He who chooses a breed because he likes it should make to buy a good quality puppy, purchased from a breeder recommended by the breed club or a breeder whom by other means demonstrated the quality of his dogs. Not all puppies that are for sale are of good quality, outside they look like a breed, inside, too often, not really.

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